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How did you first become aware of SAMUDRA Report? E.g., word of mouth, saw in some library, came across at a conference, etc).
How long have you been receiving SAMUDRA Report?
How many people share your copy of SAMUDRA Report?
Have you accessed SAMUDRA Report at the ICSF website( )?
If so, has it been easy to read and download articles?
Do you read most of the articles in SAMUDRA Report?
If your answer is no, please tell us why (tick as many as needed)
  • Articles are of little or no relevance
  • Articles are too dense and difficult to understand
  • Articles are too long
  • Articles are too opinionated
Any Other Reasons
Please rank SAMUDRA Report on the following criteria:
Topicality/Contemporaneity of articles
Scope of subject matter/choice of topics
Balance in North-South coverage
Gender sensitivity
Reliability of information
Practical worth of articles
Usefulness in networking and advocacy/lobbying
Style of writing
Design and layout
Quality of photographs
Quality of illustrations/cartoons
Qualtity of printing and paper
Do you find the articles and information in SAMUDRA Report to be unique and difficult to find elsewhere?
How would you rank the following fishery-related newsletters/magazines?
Aquaculture Asia
Fish for the People
Fishing News International
NAGA: The ICLARM Quarterly
If there are any other magazines or journals dealing with subjects in this area that you would like to compare/contrast SAMUDRA Report with, please indicate
Please rank the following themes and subjects that SAMUDRA Report has covered.
Aquatic and coastal environment
Fisheries and food security
Human rights
Labour/Trade unions Child Labour
Fishing communities and fishworker organizations
Poverty and fishing communities
Women in fisheries
Artisanal fisheries
International fisheries conflicts
Traditional management practices/knowledge
Fishing subsidies and overcapacity
Fisheries policies and laws
Fisheries management
Ecosystem approach to fisheries management
Community-based coastal resource management (CBCRM)
Marine protected areas (MPAs)
Quota-based management (incl. ITQs)
Environmental vs. social/livelihood concerns in fisheries
International fish trade
Trade and environment
Safety at sea
Fisheries access agreements
Fishing technology
Post-harvest technologies
Fish marketing
Conflicting use of coastal resources
Natural disasters and disaster management
In your opinion what has been the most significant contribution of SAMUDRA Report?
In what way does SAMUDRA Report not meet your expectations?
Do you think SAMUDRA Report should cover other issues? If so, please indicate which.
Would you like to contribute articles, news reports and photographs from your country or area of work on activities concerning fisheries? If so, please indicate your area of interest
Would you like SAMUDRA Report to reach others whom you know? If so, please give us their names and addresses.
Any other comments or suggestions on any aspect of SAMUDRA Report
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