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Issue No:85
  • :0976 1121
  • :May
  • :2021

Samudra Report No.85, May 2021


India / Social Development

Hand in Hand

Though Kerala and Tamil Nadu are top performers on the Human Development Index, their advances in sustainability and social development do not reach small-scale fishers

This article is by A.S.Medha (, Research Scholar, Centre for Economic and Social Studies (CESS), Hyderabad, Telangana

Social development of fishing communities can be made possible only through policies and services for poverty eradication, employment generation and social inclusion that address the specific needs of the community and ensure their well-being, through successful governance processes at different levels. Being socially and economically backward and lacking access to development opportunities makes the road to social empowerment difficult for fisherfolk.

Kerala and Tamil Nadu are two of India’s highest performing states in human development. There are a number of schemes and policies in both the states for the social development of small-scale fisherfolk. And yet there is a long way to go. Both the states fail to pick up their fishing communities along the overall development journey. In many of the social-development indicators, fisherfolk are way lower compared to the general population, data shows. While the general population...

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