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Issue No:85
  • :0976 1121
  • :May
  • :2021

Samudra Report No.85, May 2021

Notice / Fishing Techniques

What is Destructive Fishing?

Drawing on the sectors of fisheries management, small-scale fisheries, seafood corporates, academia and civil society, an ongoing project attempts to define ‘destructive fishing’

This article is by Dan Steadman (, Fisheries & Biodiversity Technical Specialist, Fauna & Flora International, United Kingdom

The language of fisheries, conservation and sustainable development can be fraught with jargon. Of course, aquatic ecosystems are inherently dynamic and fluid; it’s easy to see why technical language like ‘maximum sustainable yield’ and ‘adaptive co-management’ is needed to rationalize and describe their management and use. Sometimes, the words we use every day in these disciplines can have very different meanings according to the varied cultures, value systems and statuses of the individuals or groups using them. What is ‘sustainable’? What is ‘unsustainable’? Or, as is the focus of a new two-year project launched in early 2021, what is ‘destructive fishing’?

Obviously, applying the term ‘destructive’ to an activity, a livelihood or a commercial practice can be politically and socially sensitive; the project is designed to identify common ground and...

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