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Issue No:84
  • :0976 1121
  • :December
  • :2020

Samudra Report No.84, December 2020


Obituary / INDIA

Activist, Advocate, Comrade

A prominent leader of India’s fishworkers succumbed to COVID-19 on 8 October. T Peter was a committed organizer and a practical leader with exemplary political acumen

This obituary is by V Vivekanandan (, ICSF Trustee and Secretary, Fisheries Management Resource Centre (FishMARC), affiliated to VRUTTI, Livelihood Resource Centre in Bengaluru, India

T Peter, the General Secretary of the National Fishworkers Forum (NFF), India, passed away on 8 October, 2020. About a week earlier, on 2 October, Peter had led a protest at sea in Kollam (Quilon), Kerala, against a shipping corridor routed through the famous ‘Quilon bank’, a rich fishing ground falling between the 200-metre and 500-metre depth lines. He was unaware that he had already contracted the virus. He returned home to Thiruvananthapuram and his busy routines, ignoring the tell-tale symptoms of cough and cold, assuming it was a familiar form of seasonal distress. His health suddenly deteriorated; he was hospitalised on October 5 and put on the ventilator. Despite the best medical attention, he died of multiple organ failure, brought on by COVID-19.

Peter’s achievements emerged from humble beginnings. Born to Clarie and Thomas Bell in a fisher...

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