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Issue No:84
  • :0976 1121
  • :December
  • :2020

Samudra Report No.84, December 2020


France / Energy

Crashing the Blue Party

Confronted with plans for an offshore wind farm, the fishers of the Bay of Saint Brieuc in France are clamouring for their rights to be respected and guaranteed

This article is by Alain Le Sann (, Co-President of the International Pêcheurs du Monde (Fishers of the World), Lorient, France

It is important to highlight that the millions of people who, to this day, still rely on ocean space for their lives and livelihoods—specifically, small-scale fishers—have, for the most part, not been invited to the blue party. This poses very tricky political questions for fisher movements and allies. Some are trying to arrange an invitation into the blue economy, believing that this is the surest way to secure rights to their fishing grounds. Others, however, are more sceptical, having witnessed how the blue growth agenda pushes small-scale fishers into an impossible corner.”

– Zoe W. Brent, Mads Barbesgaard, and Carsten Pedersen in The Blue Fix: Unmasking the Politics behind the Promise of Blue Growth.

On 10 December 2020, following the meeting of the management committee of the offshore wind farm project, the fishers of the Bay of Saint Brieuc, a commune in the Cotes-d’Armor department of Brittany in...

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