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Issue No:84
  • :0976 1121
  • :December
  • :2020

Samudra Report No.84, December 2020


Peru / SSF Guidelines

Reboot Overdue

Small-scale fishworkers face many challenges in Peru but the government pays little attention to the informal and uncontrolled sector

This article is by Juan Carlos Sueiro (, Director of Fisheries, Oceana, Peru

Peru’s marine waters are among the world’s richest fisheries. This is mainly due to the Peruvian anchovy fishery (anchoveta), mostly run by industrial operations producing yields of 3-6 million tonnes per year in the last five years. Small-scale fisheries also play a significant role, with species such as giant squid (yield of 500,000 tonnes in 2019), mahi-mahi, horse mackerel, jack mackerel and white tuna. Small-scale fishing has placed Peru among the three largest producers in the world for all five species.

Landings from the small-scale segment—both for export and domestic markets—account for 70 per cent of the total labour force in the country’s fishing sector.

Yet the government has historically neglected small-scale fisheries management, for several reasons.

The Ministry of Production, for example, is more interested in industrial operations, especially fishmeal production. The government pays little attention to small-scale fisheries; this has resulted in poor quality in management...

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