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Issue No:79
  • :0973–1121
  • :August
  • :2018

Samudra Report No.79, August 2018

Report/Film Festival

Cinema and Resistance

This year the Pêcheurs du Monde film festival, which turns 10, was held between 19 and 25 March 2018, in Lorient, France

This article, by Alain Le Sann (, founder and president of the international Pêcheurs du Monde (Fishers of the World) film festival, was translated by Danièle Le Sann

Filmmakers have always been fascinated by the sea, and the lives and work of fishermen. In the course of its 10 editions, the Pêcheurs du Monde (Fishers of the World) film festival has screened hundreds of films of all kinds – features, documentaries, reports, etc. Each year, the festival gives audiences the opportunity to rediscover exceptional achievements in cinema on fishers, both new and old, giving visibility to the forgotten individuals and communities who strive to protect the oceans.

Marine conservation has become a major theme in the media and in film, but if we forget the men and women who make a living from the seas, this priority may turn against already fragile communities and their human rights. Indeed, behind some of the memorable campaigns to protect the marine environment, are banks intent on the valuation and extraction of marine wealth. Every year, the festival evokes the risks of such campaigns...

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