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Issue No:77
  • :September
  • :2017

Samudra Report No.77, September 2017

Fiji / WOMEN

Entry Points for Gender

Participation of women in the fisheries sector of Fiji throws up several challenges, especially in the search for potential entry points for gender integration and positive discrimination

This article is by Aliti Vunisea (,of the Women in Fisheries Network, Fiji

Gender mainstreaming processes to achieve the Fiji government’s commitments to gender equality are still not well integrated into the government institutional structure, planning, and budgetary processes. Despite considerable progress made in the various sectors, gaps in the implementation or achievement of government policy on gender are numerous, and need to be addressed in institutional arrangements and in planning and budgeting. Although Fiji’s constitution guarantees equality, weaknesses in legal terminology, in policies and regulations, as well as existing social and cultural norms, continue to discriminate women in all forms of work.

There has been some progress in work being done on gender in fisheries in the Pacific Island countries and in Fiji. However, huge opportunities remain untapped. Women’s small-scale, inshore fisheries provide essential protein to a majority of Pacific Island citizens, yet the importance of these fisheries...

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