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Issue No:74
  • :August
  • :2016


On an empty beach
in sunlight
I built my castle
the wind was my architect
together we sculpted
soft curves from the dunes
I found ribbons of seaweed
sprawling like handwriting
in the tideline of debris
washed from the sea of knowledge
with these I garlanded the walls
I made a roof from shells
that giggled stories about crabby hermits
and boring barnacles
someone has spilt black
tar on my castle
ink black sticky stains
that burn where they touch me
that burn
—Gabriellr Maughan



Potential for Transformation

As a country in transition, Myanmar is seeking to unlock the potential of its fisheries and aquaculture sector for inclusive growth, improved livelihoods, and better food security

This article is by Gareth Johnstone (, the country manager for WorldFish, Myanmar

Myanmar is a country in transition, having elected its first civil government in more than 50 years in November 2015. It is now over 200 days since the new government has taken office and the transition away from military rule will not be simple. The country faces many challenges and is one of the poorest and least developed in Southeast Asia. In the fishery sector, these challenges involve balancing the demand for fish in international and domestic markets against declines in fish stocks, increasing fishing pressures and aquatic habitats under risk.

In April 2016, at the Pyin Oo Lwin workshop, Myanmar’s leading institutions, researchers and practitioners in fisheries and aquaculture came together with international experts to support the new government in finding the path that would best fulfill the potential of the fisheries and aquaculture sectors. The key resulting message from this workshop is that while there is an enormous...

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