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Issue No:58
  • :0973-1121
  • :March
  • :2011

Sun lights up the hill behind, mist rises on the channel ahead. 
Push the boat, push the boat! 
The night tide has gone out, the morning tide is coming in. 
Chigukch’ong, chigukch’ong, oshwa! 
Untamed flowers along the shore reach out to the far village.

A new day warms itself, the bigger fish swim near the surface.
Pull the anchor, pull the anchor! 
In twos and threes the seagulls rise, then glide low and rise again. 
Chigukch’ong, chigukch’ong, oshwa! 
The fishing rods are ready, where did we put the wine bottle?

From the east a sudden wind comes; it ripples the water’s surface. 
Raise the sail, raise the sail: 
It is time to leave East Lake and try our luck in the West. 
Chigukch’ong, chigukch’ong, oshwa!

—Yun Sondo (1587 - 1671)


Get Out of the Spotlight !

The ecolabelling programme of the Marine Stewardship Council is biased
towards industrial-scale fisheries and has little relevance for small-scale fisheries

This article is by Paul Molyneaux (

In 1997, Unilever and the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) formed the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), a seafood certification body that, according to its 1998 vision statement, was intended to “safeguard the world’s seafood supply.” Through its certification and ecolabeling programme, MSC aimed to harness consumer power to ensure a sustainable flow of seafood into the global market. The organization’s mission does not include safeguarding fishing cultures or ecosystems.

With the MSC aggressively courting small-scale fishers, particularly in developing countries, those considering certification would do well to study the MSC’s mission, and try to understand the costs and benefits—particularly, who pays the costs, and who reaps the benefits.

In her article, “Winning with Certification”, published in SAMUDRA Report No. 56, July 2010. MSC Programme Manager, Developing World Fisheries, Oluyemisi Oloruntuyo highlights the premium prices occasionally garnered by MSC-certified products as an enticement...

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