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Fisheries scientist Daniel Pauly's life is one for the books by Dana Gee October 27,2021   |  Source: Vancouver Sun

The University of British Columbia (UBC) professor Daniel Pauly has spent a lifetime travelling the world studying fish stocks and delivering groundbreaking research on overfishing.

The 75-year-old principal investigator of the Sea Around Us Project at UBC’s Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries is the author of five books, 400 peer-review papers and over 1,200 other pieces of writing.

“I express myself this way. This is how I connect with the world,” said Pauly when asked about his prolific writing during a recent Zoom interview from a hotel room in Frankfurt, Germany.

The renowned Pauly is the subject of the new biography The Ocean’s Whistleblower: The Remarkable Life of Daniel Pauly by David Grémillet.

An oceanographer and the research director at the French National Centre for Scientific Research, Grémillet has known Pauly for years and has always been intrigued by his old friend’s story.

“I wrote this book because it’s such a good story, because everything made sense with this project — the person, the science, the environmental context, the fact that Daniel’s story takes us across essential parts of modern history, from the civil rights movement to current geopolitics,” said Grémillet via email from France. “I felt that this book

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