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Croatia's Central Adriatic shows Mediterranean fisheries have chance of recovery October 26,2021   |  Source: TCN

Shrimps and hakes are again present in the central Adriatic in large quantities, which shows that fish stocks can be restored if there is a will.

The best known spawning ground for aquatic species in the Adriatic Sea is the Middle Adriatic Basin, also known as the Jabuka Pit, which stretches from the Croatian island of Žirje to the Italian coastal town of Ortona. It contains nearly a quarter of the total biomass of commercially important species in the northern and southern Adriatic.

For many years more than 30 percent of the catches by Croatian and Italian trawlers originated from the Jabuka Pit, but the fish stocks were eventually depleted by overfishing.

In 2015, a ban was imposed on trawling in the deepest part of the basin to protect the shrimp and hake. Since short-term suspensions never produce long-term results, a three-year ban was put in place next year.

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