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Fisheries transparency: Mauritania improves score, but still far from goal October 20,2021   |  Source: CFFA

In 2017, Mauritania committed to gradually reducing and then eliminating fishmeal and fish oil production by 2020. Far from being reduced, capacity has since tripled and there are worrying developments that show that the political will to reverse the trend is lacking. The lack of transparency around fishing capacity and effort, coupled with the lack of scientific data on the state of stocks, hinders a truly sustainable management of the small pelagic fisheries sector in Mauritania but also in the region. Indeed, 90% of international catches of sardinella are made in the waters of Mauritania and its neighbour, Senegal. Opacity also complicates the holding of informed and inclusive public debates of all parties concerned, especially the artisanal fishing communities.

Mauritania has positioned itself at the forefront of the Fisheries Industry Transparency Initiative (FiTI), which reports on the level of transparency in 12 areas related to fisheries. It published its first report last May, which represents a step towards greater transparency. However, this report is long overdue and only covered 6 of the areas of the FiTI standard.

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