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Chinese-American traveler slammed by netizens for urging lower consumption of seafood June 10,2021   |  Source: Global Times

A famous Chinese-American professional traveler has become a target of mockery among Chinese netizens over his advice to stop eating seafood "for the earth's sake."

Kyle "Guyue" Johnson, who has over 2 million followers on China's Twitter-like social networking platform Sina Weibo, said in a post on Monday that Chinese people should "be responsible consumers" and he urged them to cut back on seafood consumption after he was told by a fisherman that fish stocks in Madagasar have almost been used up.

"I just realized how much demand there is for fish in China," Johnson wrote in his controversial post, which was later deleted. "As the world's number one consumer of seafood, China's insatiable appetite for seafood is depleting fish stocks around the world."

Many netizens left opposing comments but Johnson replied. "The earth's resources have been exploited by some countries that developed first such as the US and Japan, and now we, as a country with a large population, have to set an example for other countries," he said.

However, netizens soon discovered that Johnson himself is actually an avid seafood lover and consumer. As a traveler around the world, he has repeatedly posted various photos of himself eating luxury seafood on his account. This apparent contradiction


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