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Illegal imports sinking local aquaculture in Cambodia by Hin Pisei May 03,2021   |  Source: The Phnompenh Post

While local aquaculture has started to grow significantly in recent years, the business community is increasingly facing competition from illegal imports, according to the Cambodian Aquaculturist Association (CAA).

The CAA on April 27 expressed concern on social media that the import of fisheries products to compete with local products in an unfair and inequitable way, combined with the dishonest business practices of a handful of people, will harm local aquaculture. CAA president Sok Raden told The Post on April 27 that the illegal importation of large quantities of aquaculture products from neighbouring countries on a daily basis is a constant source of difficulties for local farmers. These difficulties could mar the government's plans to boost production capacity to meet domestic demand and have enough to spare for export, he said.

He added that illegal imports not only generate losses of tax revenue for the state, but also skirt suitable quality-control measures and originate from dubious breeding sources, which could harm consumers' health. "Illegal imports with unclear quality control not only undermine plans towards exporting Cambodian aquaculture products to international markets, but even the breeding operations that serve domestic needs could face bankruptcy," he

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