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Thai authorities detain 34 Acehnese fishermen: Panglima Laot April 14,2021   |  Source: Antara

Thai authorities detained 34 Acehnese fishermen over poaching in the country's waters since the Thai navy seized their 60-GT fishing boat "KM Rizky Laot" on April 9, 2021.

Aceh Province's traditional fishing community Panglima Laot has coordinated with the Indonesian consulate in Songkla over the detention of these fishermen.

Early this week, the consulate officials had traveled to the place where the Acehnese fishermen were detained, Panglima Laot Deputy Secretary General Miftach Cut Adek remarked.

Panglima Laot has additionally coordinated with the Aceh Maritime and Fisheries Office and Oceanic and Fisheries Resources Surveillance Station (PSDKP), Adek noted.

The Acehnese fishermen's fishing vessel was intercepted by the Royal Thai naval vessel on its way back to East Aceh District through Thailand's sea route after catching fish.

The fishing boat's skipper is identified as Abdul Halim, Adek noted in a press statement that ANTARA quoted in Banda Aceh, the capital of Aceh Province, on Wednesday.

ANTARA noted that prior to this case, the Thai authorities had also arrested 51 Acehnese fishermen last year.

In early 2020, Thai authorities detained 30 Acehnese fishermen and three children after they were caught poaching in Thailand's waters.

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