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Five fishermen arrested for blast fishing in Indonesia's Komodo National Park April 14,2021   |  Source: Antara

The authorities in the East Nusa Tenggara Province of Indonesia arrested five local fishermen for conducting blast fishing in the waters of the Komodo National Park's conservation area on Sunday.

The suspects are identified by their initials as Ed (27), Re (15), Ya (16), In (28), and Ya (31), according to Muhammad Nur from the Environment and Forestry Ministry.

The five were arrested by officials of the ministry's law enforcement division while poaching in the waters of Laju Pemale Strait, Komodo District, on Sunday (April 11) evening.

"We have seized several items of evidence," Nur, head of the ministry's law enforcement division-Java, Bali, and Nusa Tenggara office, stated here on Wednesday.

The confiscated items comprised a motorboat, 26 Molotov cocktails, 19 deactivated detonators, an activated detonator, 16 LED lamps, a wooden boat, and a compressor.

The ministry's officials also seized some 300 kilograms of fish that they had caught in the waters, Nur remarked, adding that blast fishing was detrimental to the national park's coral reefs.

Nur pointed out that several local fishermen had continued to practice the blast fishing method. To address the problem, the ministry will continue its efforts to enforce the law against them.

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