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Fishermen’s boats: Balochistan govt. in Pakistan to install satellite tracking system April 08,2021   |  Source: APP

The Balochistan government has started the spade work on the installation of satellite tracking system in boats to ensure the safety of marine life and fishermen.

Fishing boats would help to comply with environmental and fishing laws, as well as promote the conservation of rare marine life under a modern monitoring system at a command and control centre in Gwadar, an official of Fisheries department of Balochistan said.

The construction will be carried out to monitor the boats and fishermen to stay within the legal limits and not to violate sea borders. The government is also planning to purchase sea ambulance to provide emergency to fishermen.

Giving details about the projects, he said that the project of installation of monitoring system in boats and the plan of purchasing sea ambulances would cost around Rs 426 million.

He said that the government had decided to introduce new technologies in its fisheries sector to boost its business in the province.

Many projects like, ‘fish processing plant’ at Gwadar, ‘Fisherman Cooperative Housing Society’, ‘sea ambulances’ and other projects were in pipeline that would eventually increase the potential of the sector, he added.

The roads and other Infrastructure were also being upgraded for easy access of the


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