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Israel issues urgent ban on all seafood distribution after massive oil spill by Uri Cohen February 26,2021   |  Source: themedialine

Israel’s Health Ministry late Wednesday evening issued an urgent decree banning the sale of all seafood fished in the Mediterranean Sea, as the country continues to assess the damages of last week’s massive oil spill.

According to the government’s directive, no distribution or marketing of any Mediterranean seafood is allowed “until further notice.”

The order initially failed to specify if produce imported from other countries in the region would be approved for consumption, and on Thursday health officials issued a clarification, saying the ban only applied to “marine animals fished in Israel’s Mediterranean shores.”

Last week, approximately 160 km of Israel’s 190 km coastline was covered in thick black tar, causing severe damage to local plant and wildlife. The cause of the unprecedented environmental disaster is believed to have been an oil spill from a yet unidentified tanker.

A ministry spokesperson told The Media Line that “while so far no evidence has shown any danger arising from fish consumption, out of an abundance of caution some samples have been sent to the Agriculture Ministry’s lab for analysis, to rule out any presence of toxic particles.”

The lab results are expected early next week.

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