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Seeking more catch, Egyptian fishermen frequently stuck in neighboring waters by Marwa Yahya February 23,2021   |  Source: Xinhua

Incidents of detaining Egyptian fishermen by some Arab and African countries around the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea are common recently which require the government's intervention for their release.

"It was a horrible experience to stay in detention for almost two months," said Adel Omran, a 48-year old fisherman who was a crew member of a boat that was seized at the border with Yemen in 2020.

"I planned to stay for three days in the water to catch more quantities but one of our two boats was broken near the prohibited areas," Omran told Xinhua, adding that fishing is about patience and seizing opportunities.

"Our fish have been thrown into the sea, and we have been investigated one by one for long hours," he said.

Such incidents raised questions about the reasons behind fishermen's entering the banned international water in a country that is surrounded by the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea and rich with other water resources like the Nile River and several lakes.

"Some Egyptian fishermen agreed with their peers in the neighboring countries to work together and share the profits in violation of these countries' rules," said Khalid Husseiny, former chairman of General Authority for Fish Resources Development.

Poaching and lack of fish in some seasons in


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