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Four South American countries prepare to challenge Chinese fishing abuses at COMM9 by Christian Molinari January 06,2021   |  Source: SeafoodSource

A fleet of more than 300 mostly Chinese-flagged fishing ships that caused consternation among the governments of Ecuador and Peru this summer when it was spotted fishing around their respective exclusive economic zones, has continued to fish in the Pacific Ocean around South America, and affected countries are coordinating actions to stop it.

The fleet was spotted by Ecuadorian maritime officials in mid-July as it arrived outside of the Galápagos Marine Reserve in international waters near Ecuador’s exclusive economic zone. The fleet was subsequently accused of shutting off its GPS trackers to enable it to fish illegally in protected waters without being detected.

Since then, the Chinese fleet has continued southward into Peru, with some vessels arriving in Chilean waters. Reporting that the country’s fishing service, Sernapesca, is “on alert,” Chilean news media company T13 said that over 100 Chinese ships are “all over Chile” and at times have entered the country’s EEZ.

Sernapesca has kept a close eye on the Chinese vessels and has so far issued 11 reports as to the whereabouts and activities of the fleet. While the country’s navy has pledged to protect Chile’s sovereign space, Sernapesca has said that it is still concerned about the vessels’


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