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Brexit trade deal: Fishing industry needs Scotland to grasp opportunities not grievances – Brian Wilson by Brian Wilson January 04,2021   |  Source: The Scotsman

Betrayal, con-trick, sold down the river… we’ve been hearing it for decades; inside and outside the EU, whoever was in government.

The audience for these rituals is never meant to notice (and generally doesn’t because it is a complex subject) that despite all of the above, our Scottish fishing barons become even richer and more powerful.

Five families effectively control nearly half of Scotland’s quotas. Before the law took an interest, it was reckoned more “black fish” were landed in Scotland than under EU quotas.

While the barons prospered mightily, it has been a different story in many of Scotland’s traditional fishing communities which were marginalised under the Common Fisheries Policy and survive largely on shellfish.

For them, increased quota is a far less significant issue than access to markets. The real damage to these Scottish fishermen and businesses would have been from “no deal” with the EU. Why would anyone, at this juncture, vote for that?

Whatever one thinks of Brexit, a fishing deal that gives increased quotas, a five-year transition to full control of UK waters and – critically – continuing access to EU markets is a betrayal of nothing. The question is whether Scotland will take advantage of these opportunities – not a


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