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“How will I feed my family?” asks Bahamian woman married to foreign fisherman by Sloan Smith December 24,2020   |  Source: Eyewitness News

he government’s decision to limit commercial fishing to only Bahamians will impact many families who rely on the industry to feed their children and survive, said several Bahamian women married to foreign fishermen.

The Senate has passed the Fisheries Act, 2020, and an amendment to the Immigration Act that prevents non-Bahamians from engaging in commercial fishing in the nation.

Government MPs, including Agriculture Minister Michael Pintard, have pointed to concerns of Bahamian fishermen regarding unsustainable fishing practices by some non-Bahamians, as well as unsupported allegations that foreign fishermen have contract marriages with Bahamian women to facilitate employment.

One woman, who spoke to Eyewitness News under the condition of anonymity, said she has been married for nearly 20 years and has two children — who attend private school.

Her husband brought in the most money and was the breadwinner of the house.

“You can’t take the stick and beat everyone with it,” she said, responding to the allegations of marriages of conveniences.

“I’m in it for the long haul. At the end of the day, that’s ridiculous.

“I’m really deeply hurt this government don’t care about me or anyone else who are married to foreigners.

“I’m not one of

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