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Guam island fishermen encouraged to take advantage of relief fund by Tyler Matanane December 24,2020   |  Source: Kuam News

The Department of Agriculture Division of Aquatic Wildlife Resources of the US Territory of Guam is trying to lure in more registered fishermen to take advantage of the CARES ACT Fisheries Relief Fund. And they've extended the deadline in hopes they'll catch on.

Around June-July of this year, the Department of Agriculture Division of Aquatic and Wildlife Resources (DAWR) made a call out of commercial sustenance fishermen that were affected by COVID-19 restrictions to register as a fisherman under DAWR. This would allow DOA to determine eligibility for the CARES Act Fisheries Relief Fund. Since the August deadline for registration, they've received 814 registered and eligible fishermen. DOA's, Frank Roberto, says they'd like to remind these fishermen to submit the application packets in order to receive funds.

"So far, since the announcement to submit application packets in October 29, only 106 have submitted their packets as of the November 30 deadline," he said.

However, the deadline has now been extended to January 29th of next year in order to allow more fishermen to take the bait.

Roberto says all eligible applicants have already provided verified documentation to DAWR to validate the revenue or subsistence claims. No applications will be accepted after the due


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