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Indonesia allows use of destructive seine and trawl nets in its waters again by Basten Gokkon December 17,2020   |  Source: Mongabay

The Indonesian government will reopen some of its waters to fishing with seine and trawl nets, drawing criticism over the destruction wrought by this practice.

The fisheries ministry recently published a list of approved fishing equipment that had previously been banned for contributing to depleted fish stocks in Indonesian waters. The list was signed Nov. 18 by the minister, Edhy Prabowo — a week before his arrest on corruption charges in a separate case. Among the equipment approved for use are seine nets, known locally as dogol and cantrang, midwater trawl nets (pukat ikan), and bottom otter trawl nets (pukat hela dasar).

Seines and trawls are highly effective equipment for sweeping up large amounts of fish, but they are also highly non-discriminative. A 2010 study by the Bogor Institute of Agriculture (IPB) showed that nearly 50% of cantrang catches were bycatch and discards.

The fisheries ministry has previously justified wanting to lift the ban on these types of nets to boost catches and thereby attract greater investment in the fisheries sector. Now, though, it says the ban is effectively useless, with fishers continuing to use these nets.

“Let’s just legalize it,” said Muhammad Zaini Hanafi, the interim director-general for capture fisheries. He added


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