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Prawn farmers in Bangladesh facing bleak future by Partha Chakrabortty December 17,2020   |  Source: The Daily Star

Over the last couple of years, export earnings from shrimp in Bangladesh, grown mainly in the southwest coastal districts for shipment to the developed economies, have been falling consistently in the face of competition from low-priced vannamei shrimp.

The declining shipment has sent not only processors and exporters into losses but also dented the dreams of tens of thousands of farmers, who bet on shrimp farming to make a fortune.

And the pandemic-induced demand slump has further increased the woes of growers.

"Prices of prawn have fallen drastically this year from that of a year ago," said Chinmoy Das, a shrimp trader in Kachua upazila under Bagerhat, one of the main shrimp producing districts in the southwest.

Farmers could large prawns at Tk 1,300 per kilogramme (roughly eight prawns) last year. Now they have to sell prawns of the same grade at Tk 600 per kg.

Prices of smaller sized prawns also dropped, creating worries among many farmers of losses.

"Both farmers and small traders like us are on the verge of losses," Chinmoy said.

Gopal Das, a farmer in the same upazila of the district, echoed the same.

Growing shrimp in three enclosures, he said current the prices of prawn were unlikely to bring any profit for them.

"We have to spend nearly Tk


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