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Oil industry pollution threatens fishing, Niger Delta ecosystem — Environmentalist by Emem Idio December 17,2020   |  Source: Vanguard

An Environmentalist, Comrade Alagoa Morris, has lamented the devastating effects of pollution on the environment and danger pose to the fishing occupation of the people of the coastal communities. Morris, who is also the Project Director of Ondewari Health, Education and Environmental Project, OHEEP, stated this while speaking on a one day workshop for fisher folks in Bayelsa State, organised by the Health of Mother Earth Foundation, HOMEF, in Yenagoa.

Speaking on the theme: “Coastal Environmental Monitoring, Reporting and Advocacy,” he said the negative impacts of pollution experienced in the environment is that they have led to increased health risks, lower life expectancy, reduced levels of the fecundity of land and marine ecosystems. While blaming the multinationals for most of the pollution, he, however, challenged the fishing folks to be organised through their cooperatives and be actively involved in monitoring the environment and taking independent actions in their common interest.

“In our environment, first and foremost is the oil industry induced pollution, right from the exploration to exploitation stages, the activities of the oil industry has been associated with pollution and these include the use of explosives for seismic activities, hazardous drilling


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