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South Africa: Fishing rights - Robbing Peter to pay Paul a pittance by James Lorimer MP - DA Shadow Minister of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries November 26,2020   |  Source: AllAfrica

There's a resource grab happening in fishing. Minister Barbara Creecy has embarked on a program of taking fishing resources from successful individual small-scale fishers and putting them in the hands of the ANC created cooperatives, which have a 100% failure rate. Not a single fishing co-operative has ever successfully operated, created jobs, paid taxes or harvested their own fish. The net result will be the destruction of businesses and workers that are creating value in Western & Eastern Cape communities, in exchange for giving less money to fewer people.

Thirty days ago, the Department published two notices. They invited public comment on two proposals. One was to give 50% of the fishing allocation in traditional linefish and abalone to small scale fishing co-operatives and 25% of the effort in the squid fishing sector. The other was to put three fisheries, those for white mussel, oyster and hake handline, entirely as resources available to small scale fishers only. In terms of current policy all small-scale fishers have been forcibly collectivised into compulsory cooperatives. This gives rise to a host of problems, among them:

An important part of South Africa's fishing resource would be collectivised, effectively producing less wealth and fewer jobs for South


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