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UNFCCC Partnership outlines sectoral visions for net-zero world November 17,2020   |  Source: IISD

The Marrakech Partnership published a report that outlines pathways for climate action across eight key sectors to achieve the Paris Agreement on climate change. The report finds that rapid breakthroughs in the areas of energy, industry, transport, human settlements, ocean and coastal zones, water, nature-based solutions and land use, and climate resilience are approaching “the tipping points necessary to reach zero emissions by 2050.”

The ‘Climate Action Pathways’ seek to provide a “blueprint” to coordinate climate action by cities, regions, businesses, and investors in the runup to the Glasgow Climate Change Conference in November 2021. The pathways identify the near- and long-term milestones for limiting the global temperature rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels in each of the eight sectors considered. They provide an overview of “synergies and interlinkages across the thematic and cross-cutting areas that assist all actors to take an integrated approach.”

As an example, the transformational actions and milestones needed to achieve zero-carbon economy for ocean and coastal zones include:

-- Overfishing and destructive fishing practices are ended by 2021, and science-based management is implemented to restore fish stocks in the shortest time


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