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Malaysian-flagged vessels with Indonesian crews captured for alleged illegal fishing November 13,2020   |  Source: The Jakarta Post

Three Malaysian-flagged vessels from Vietnam sit at port after being seized for illegal fishing off the Riau Islands on Oct.14, 2016.

Authorities from the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry have captured two Malaysian-flagged fishing vessels with Indonesian crews for allegedly fishing in Indonesian waters in the Malacca Strait.

The ministry’s director general of marine resources and fisheries supervision, TB Haeru Rahayu, said a directorate vessel, KP Hiu 01, had intercepted the foreign vessels during a patrol of Indonesia's exclusive economic zone (EEZ) on Tuesday morning.

Codenamed KM SLFA 5223 and KM PKFB 1786, the two vessels had three and four crew members on board, respectively. "When we checked, all of the ships’ crew members turned out to be Indonesian nationals,” Haeru said.

The Malaysian-flagged vessels were brought to the nearest supervision station. The crew members had allegedly violated multiple articles of Law No. 45/2009 on fishing, including Article 92, which carries maximum sentence of 8 years in prison and a Rp 20 million (US$ 1.41 million) fine.

"The arrest has further shown the ministry's commitment to continue protecting and guarding our waters," Haeru said. Pung Nugroho Saksono, the directorate's supervision and operation


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