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The Cameroon entrepreneur who is turning waste plastic bottles into boats by Ismaël Essome Ebone October 30,2020   |  Source: WEF

Africa, like most other parts of the world, is battling a spiraling plastic pollution crisis. In Cameroon, one non-profit company is helping to keep waste plastic out of the ocean while also improving livelihoods and inspiring entrepreneurs in communities across the country.

Madiba & Nature's 'ecoboats' - made out of discarded plastic bottles - are helping fishermen while also creating jobs in the recycling industry, promoting ecotourism and raising awareness of the circular economy.

Earlier this year, the World Economic Forum's UpLink platform announced that Madiba & Nature was a member of its 'Ocean Cohort' - 12 innovations that are tackling the biggest issues facing our seas.

We spoke to Ismaël Essome Ebone, Founder and President of Madiba & Nature, about the inspiration behind the company, its impact on local communities, and his hopes for the future.

Q: What does Madiba & Nature do, and what inspired you to start the company?

The inspiration behind Madiba & Nature was to help preserve the livelihoods of fishermen whilst also addressing the issue of marine plastic pollution.

Recovered plastic waste is used to create 'ecoboats' for fishermen in need. The waste is collected through beach clean-up activities, and now the strategy is to expand via the use of


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