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New Zealand fishers in two minds over Green Party fishing policy September 21,2020   |  Source: RNZ

Commercial and recreational fishers in New Zealand are welcoming some aspects of the Green Party marine policy, but say care must be taken and more data is needed on fishery stocks.

The Greens announced their 'Thriving Oceans Plan' at Ōrākei / Bastion Point yesterday, including expanding marine protection areas and sanctuaries to 30 percent of New Zealand's oceans by 2030, and putting a 10-year moratorium on seabed mining.

They also want a review of the quota management system, a $50m fund to help fishers transition to sustainable practices, and faster rollout of cameras on fishing boats.

NZ Fishing Industry Guild executive secretary Ian Mathieson said marine protected areas were important and New Zealand could certainly do with more, but 30 percent was "a large amount of ocean" and there would be an impact on local communities.

"Especially if you're talking about New Zealand's exclusive economic zone, that would be massive on the global scale ... there would need to be a lot of consultation before that could take place," he said.

"If they're looking at closing certain fisheries down or making certain fishing practices not legal, the impact on the industry and livelihoods of communities could be really significant.

"You've got to look closely at what it is


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