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Learn from the past -- Industry's message to South Africa govt. September 21,2020   |  Source: FiskerForum

According to industry body SADSTIA, the South African Deep-Sea Trawling Industry Association, the 2016 allocation of rights to the hake inshore trawl fishery was a costly policy and administrative mistake that should not be repeated when rights are allocated to twelve other commercial fisheries in 2021.

SADSTIA has published the findings of an analysis of the allocation of rights to the hake inshore trawl fishery, an industrial fishery that targets hake and Agulhas sole on the Cape south coast. Since 2016, the allocation of rights to the hake inshore trawl fishery has been reviewed by the High Court no less than eight times, and 30% of rights in the fishery remain disputed and subject to an appeal process

‘The protracted rights allocation process has introduced considerable uncertainty into an already high-risk industry,’ said Felix Ratheb, chairman of SADSTIA and chief executive of Sea Harvest.

‘The key finding of SADSTIA’s analysis is that the allocation of many rights of small value to a large number of new entrant companies has compromised the stability and competitiveness of the hake inshore trawl fishery. The economic and environmental impacts will be felt for years to come.’

The National Development Plan (NDP), compiled over a period of two years by


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