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Protest over Indigenous lobster fishery turns confrontational in Canada by Paul Withers September 16,2020   |  Source: CBC News

A peaceful protest by commercial fishermen turned confrontational Tuesday morning when they arrived at a wharf in Weymouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, used by First Nations fishermen.

There was yelling and cursing between Indigenous and non-Indigenous fishermen, but there were no injuries.

The commercial fishermen are protesting what they claim is an illegal lobster fishery in St. Marys Bay in southwestern Nova Scotia.

They say a communal First Nations lobster fishery — where the sale of the catch is prohibited — is being used as a cloak for a large-scale commercial fishery.

The Mi'kmaq reject that claim, arguing their right to fish for a moderate livelihood was affirmed by the Supreme Court of Canada in 1999.

Earlier, hundreds of commercial fishermen briefly blocked access to a wharf in Saulnierville, N.S., used by First Nations fishermen to harvest lobster.

Both Weymouth and Saulnierville are ports being used by Nova Scotia First Nations harvesting lobster this summer in St. Marys Bay. Indigenous fishermen were not present at Saulnierville during the protest.

"This is a pretty benign protest," organizer Bernie Berry, of the Coldwater Lobster Association, said of the protest in Saulnierville. "We just want DFO to do what they have been doing, enforce some of


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