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Exhibition highlights role of mangroves in Macau's coastal environment by Lynzy Valles September 02,2020   |  Source: Macau Daily

The University of Saint Joseph kicked off an exhibition yesterday about mangroves in a bid to further spread awareness on the value of the mangrove ecosystem.

Organized by the university’s Institute of Science and Environment, the “Macau’s Mangroves: A Coastal Treasure Exhibition” features a series of photographs, artworks, scientific display boards, interactive tank models, installations and videos on the city’s mangroves.

The Macau SAR is home to a thriving mangrove forest that spans approximately 4km of the Taipa-Cotai coastline.

Since mangrove forests are considered one of the most valuable ecosystems and a significant natural coastal treasure, given it protects coastlines from rising sea levels and extreme weather events, the institute has been promoting awareness of the ecosystem for several years.

“We have also been doing science promotional activities focused on environmental education to educate our young generation to protect our environment, especially mangroves which are quite marginalized compared to other beautiful ecosystems like coral reefs,” said Karen Tagulao, a senior lecturer at the Institute.

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