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Farmed cod and chips? Norway revives bid to breed species at risk in wild by Gwladys Fouche September 02,2020   |  Source: Reuters

Norway is relaunching cod farms in Europe’s ice-cold northern waters after mass escapes and failure to thrive condemned its earlier attempt to become the first country to try large-scale breeding of a species declining in the wild.

The handful of companies raising Atlantic cod in pens in Norwegian fjords say they have learned lessons from a wave of bankruptcies of cod farms earlier in the millennium as well as the success of Norway’s multi-billion-dollar salmon business.

They are hoping to emulate that success with cod at a time when wild Atlantic cod are seeing mixed fortunes.

While stocks off Iceland and in the Barents Sea are sustainable, those off Canada, the United States, Ireland and Britain are low, as are those in the Baltic Sea and the non-British part of the North Sea.

Norcod, the biggest of the new farms, is raising 1.8 million fish along the craggy Norwegian seacoast and plans to begin sales in the second quarter of 2021.

“We are targeting northern and western Europe first,” said Christian Riber, Norcod’s commercial director, adding the firm had also seen interest in their product from U.S. customers.

The company aims to produce an initial 6,500 tonnes in 2021, rising to 25,000 tonnes in 2025. That would exceed the high of 21,000 tonnes


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