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Independence Day takes on new meaning for Indonesian fishermen September 01,2020   |  Source: The News Lens

Around 200 Indonesian fishermen celebrated the 75th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia at the Donggang fishing port earlier this month. As the abuse and violations of fishermen who work on Taiwanese vessels that depart from Donggang are more likely to make the news, the festivities and fishermen’s joyous cheers were a rarely seen positive vibe at the port.

One activity was a race to capture a coin lodged in a paint-smeared papaya. Other traditional games were sack racing, tug of war, orange-dance competition, and Balap Kelereng, which required participants to carry a marble on a spoon in their month and race to the finish line. Around 20 to 30 Indonesian caregivers also participated in the event. Some caregivers were accompanied by their employers watching on the sidelines from their wheelchairs.

While massive parades and celebrations usually take place in all corners of Indonesia on Independence Day, fishermen living in a foreign country find a sense of belonging by celebrating with one another.

“I feel so happy and relieved. This kind of event is very important for me. Every game is so interesting. I feel I have many friends here,” Suroyo, a fisherman who has worked on a Taiwanese fishing boat for seven years, said after he completed the orange-dance


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