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Fear of second major oil spill in Mauritius as oil barge sinks in coral lagoon by Nishan Degnarain September 01,2020   |  Source: Forbes

In an incredible new development overnight on Monday 31 August, a major operation is underway in Mauritius as a barge carrying oil from the stricken Japanese iron-ore vessel The Wakashio collided with a tug boat pulling it.

The tug boat - which had been involved in the Wakashio salvage operation - has sunk in the coral lagoon and a major operation is underway to rescue the 8 crew from the water under darkness.

There is still much confusion about the circumstances and events of the sinking.

According to reports from local media present on the scene, the Mauritius Port Authority tug boat, called the ‘Sir Gaetan Duval,’ was towing the oil barge back to the harbor capital city, Port Louis.

It had been travelling from the location of the Wakashio oil spill in Pointe d’Esny in the South East of the country, and was heading North around the island.

Both vessels appeared to be around 30 miles North of the original crash site of the Wakashio when they ran into trouble. This is around 20 miles North of where dozens of whales and dolphins had washed up dead on Mauritius’ coasts in the past few days.

According to a statement released by the Mauritian Port Authority, the oil barge was called the ‘l’Ami Constant’ and owned by Mauritian maritime services

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