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Uganda fishermen ask govt. to fix price of fish maw August 25,2020   |  Source: AllAfrica

Fishermen at Masese Landing Site in Jinja City want government to regulate the price of gas bladders, following a pep talk by President Museveni on the highly sought-after fish organ.

Last month, during a televised address, Mr Museveni said: "Nile Perch can grow to 300 kilogrammes apparently and I have got a study that Ugandans can get a minimum of $150b a year from this Nile Perch."

"Apparently, the meat of the Nile Perch is not important; it is the bladder, what they call enuni. It has got special qualities and is also expensive. A kilogramme is Shs10m and one mature Nile Perch can give you three kilogrammes; so such a bladder can get you Shs30m, equivalent to $9,000," he said.

Also known as gas bladder, fish maw or air bladder, is found in the dorsal portion of the fish to control its buoyancy and stay at their current water depth without having to waste energy in swimming.

Mr Kadilu Wazaba, a fisherman, says because the actual price of the organ is unknown to them, they find themselves being cheated by middlemen in the supply chain.

A kilogramme, he says, goes for Shs1m; however, Mr Robert Mugoya, Mr Patrick Namage, and Mr James Ahimbisibwe, also fishermen, each said it goes for Shs1.3m, Shs900,000 and Shs800,000, respectively.

Such contradictions reveal


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