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USGS predicts Gulf beach erosion from Marco, gets set to measure storm effects August 24,2020   |  Source: USGS

As Hurricane Marco heads to a predicted landfall along the central Gulf Coast, USGS scientists are predicting that nearly half of the barrier islands and beaches across the region will see some storm-caused erosion, with effects concentrated in Louisiana and Mississippi. Across the four-state region from Alabama through Southeast Texas, other USGS scientists were in the field on Sunday, Aug. 23 setting out special instruments called storm-tide sensors that will measure Marco’s storm surge. Those instruments will stay in place to record the effects of Tropical Storm Laura if it strikes the same general area later in the week, as it is currently expected to do.

The USGS has been closely monitoring this unusual situation, with two storms on track for landfall in the same area within days of each other. Taken together, the USGS teams’ work can help inform evacuation planning, provide information that will help document the storms’ effects for emergency managers and others, and improve future erosions and storm surge forecasting.

“We are monitoring two storms that will likely make landfall in roughly the same area of coastline,” said research oceanographer Kara Doran, leader of the USGS Coastal Change Hazards Storm Team based in St. Petersburg, Florida. “Usually,


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