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Zonal multi-stakeholder platform meeting on IUU inland fishing held at Kpando, Ghana August 24,2020   |  Source: GhanaWeb

A zonal multi-stakeholder platform meeting has been organized for stakeholders in Ghana to discussed issues of Illegal Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing in the area.

The meeting, also provided the space for dialogue and discussions on issues among fisheries stakeholders to promote stakeholder involvement and participatory planning in fisheries management.

It was organized by for key stakeholders including, members of the IUU, Community Monitoring Groups (CMGs), Fisheries Commission Officers, traditional leaders, fisher folks, Kpando Municipal Assembly, the Ghana Agricultural Workers Association, Ghana Inland Fishermen Canoe Association and Fisheries Enforcement Unit of the Ghana Navy.

Participants were also trained on the use of IUU-ICT Mobile App called DASE (Evidence) for monitoring, reporting and documenting IUU cases in the Inland Fishing Zone in the lake Volta.

The District Fisheries Commission Officer, Mr Wendell Papafio, said the IUU fishing was under the Far Ban Bo Protecting Fisheries Livelihoods project in Ghana, which seeks to improving Fisheries governance and IUU through engagement with fishers and stakeholders to improve on monitoring, reporting and prosecution of Fisheries infractions.

The project is being implemented by Friends of the Nation


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