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COVID-19: Activists warn of sharp rise in human trafficking in near future August 03,2020   |  Source: PTI

Tarannum (name changed) has many cut marks on her wrist, scars that constantly remind her of the several years she spent in a brothel where she was sexually exploited countless times.

"Three years of hell," she recalls.

Daughter of a fisherman from a cyclone-prone area of the Sundarbans in West Bengal, India, 13-year-old Tarannum was trafficked by a local shopkeeper in 2012.

He tricked her into believing that he would get her a job as a domestic worker with a good salary.

Once in Delhi, he sold her to a woman at a brothel.

After three years, she was rescued by a local NGO with the help of police.

But even after she returned home, the trauma of the past haunted her and she turned suicidal, trying to slit her wrist multiple times.

Slowly recuperating now, Tarannum hopes no one ever goes through what she did.

Another trafficking survivor Reema (name changed) does not remember her parents.

She only faintly recalls her father.

At a very young age, a brothel owner had trafficked her and forced her into prostitution.

She was finally rescued from a brothel in Sonagachi, West Bengal, in 2013 at the age of 21 after enduring many years of sexual abuse in different cities across the country.

Both Tarannum and Reema are among thousands of children and


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