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Jamaica agriculture ministry spends $77.3 mn on fisheries project July 30,2020   |  Source: The Star

A total of $77.3 million has so far been spent by Jamaica's Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries under the Promoting Community-based Climate Resilience in the Fisheries Sector Project.

The project includes the procurement of a much-needed high speed vessel, and three motor vehicles for enforcement activities in the fisheries sector.

Speaking at the launch of the project and sensitisation meeting on July 24, in Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth, acting Chief Executive Officer of the National Fisheries Authority (NFA), Courtney Cole, said the project will have a lasting impact on the country’s marine environment and fisherfolk.

He informed that it will build resilience through the strengthening of aquaculture policy and regulation, and support livelihood diversification, as well as the development of alternative livelihoods for fishers.

“Through this intervention, the NFA will also seek to modernise the fisheries sector by providing the requisite organisational structure and capacity for the sustainable development and management of capture fisheries and aquaculture fisheries,” he added.

Funded by the World Bank to the tune of the tune of US$4.8 million, the project will also safeguard fishing communities and the economy against the vagaries


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