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Vietnam: Coast Guard detains fishing vessel for carrying 90,000 litres of illegal diesel oil July 24,2020   |  Source: Manifold Times

The Vietnam Coast Guard on Thursday (23 July) said the task force of the Vietnam Maritime Administration and Professional Department detained fishing vessel TG-91926 TS for carrying 90,000 litres of illegal diesel oil.

The task force said the vessel was discovered at 9pm on Wednesday (22 July) 50 nautical miles from Hon Khoai Island.

Initial investigations discovered four crew members onboard and the captain explained that they were transporting the oil but could not produce any documents verifying its origin.

The task force then escorted the vessel and crew to be handed over to Region 4 Command of the Vietnam Coast Guard to be dealt with in accordance with the law.

A series of other detentions carried out by the Vietnam Coast Guard on vessels during 2020 have been recorded by Manifold Times.


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