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Third West African country this year decries arrival of Chinese trawlers by Chris Chase July 21,2020   |  Source: SeafoodSource

The arrival of six large Chinese trawlers in Liberia has drawn criticism from local artisanal fishing associations, making it the third West African nation to see an influx of trawlers this year.

The Liberia Artisanal Fishermen’s Association, along with community fishing associations, are calling on the government to reject the requests for fishing licenses by the trawlers, according to the Environmental Justice Foundation. The six trawlers are capable of taking 12,000 metric tons (MT) of fish a year, and put together can catch more than the sustainable yearly catch of species targeted by the small-scale artisanal canoe fishers.

“We sincerely hope that the government will respect Liberian law and protect the interests of local coastal communities and our shared marine environment,” Liberia Artisinal Fishermen’s Association President Jerry Blamo said. “Our waters support local jobs and provide good quality food, but granting these massive supertrawlers fishing licenses would destroy that.”

The outcry in Liberia was kicked off with the arrival of six vessels – Hao Yuan Yu 860, 861, 862, 863, 865, and 866, all of which were built in China. According to the EJF, the vessels tried to start operations in Mozambique, but subsequently headed to Liberia.



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