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How technology is helping Indian, Sri Lankan fishermen amid climate change patterns by Himanshu N July 16,2020   |  Source: DTE

Climate change has brought monumental shifts in weather patterns, fishing zones and migration of fish population to different areas. The phenomenon has impacted the source of livelihood for many in coastal India — pushing them to turn to technological assistance to practice sustainability.

Numer8 Analytics Pvt Ltd, a data science firm, has come to their rescue: The firm analysed changes in the cyclical pattern of potential fishing zones in 2018. It found that nearshore fishing zones had drifted away further into the deeper seas.

It also analysed the coastal vulnerability index for Kerala and Odisha post-2018 Kerala cyclone and Cyclone Fani in 2019. Following this, it developed an app, ‘OFish’, which provides fishermen with weather updates, helps them identify fishing zones and ensure that government guidelines on fishing are practiced.

The technology helps fishermen on the sea as well as on the coast.

“About 170 million people in India are at the forefront of climate change and experience sea-level rise, tropical cyclones and storms, according to a United Nations report. The latest cases being of the Cyclone Amphan in Bay of Bengal and Cyclone Nisraga in the Arabian Sea,” said Devleena Bhattacharjee, founder of the data science firm.

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