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Russia's salmon season facing coronavirus complications by Ivan Stupachenko July 15,2020   |  Source: SeafoodSource

The Russian Far East salmon fishery, which runs from 1 June to 1 August, is facing a new set of challenges in 2020. With projections predicting the lowest harvest of recent years, the fishery is expected to see a reduced value even if prices maintained normal levels – all while necessary measures needed to tackle COVID-19 are increasing expenses.

According to Russian fishery science, the season’s catch is going to be only 384,000 metric tons (MT), 36.7 percent less than in 2019, and almost half of record-breaking 2018, which saw a catch of 667,000 MT.

Breaking that catch down by species, Russia predicts humpback salmon will, as usual, see the largest volumes with a projected catch of 222,800 MT; Siberian salmon a catch of 113,500 MT, pink salmon a catch of 39,000 MT, coho 8,400 MT, king salmon roughly 500 MT, and cherry salmon 30 MT.

Through 28 June, 6,139 MT had been caught, the worst result over the last five years. Roughly 60 percent of the catch was red salmon. That amount didn’t increase much by 13 July, with Fishnews reporting the catch at 17,500 MT.

The gloomy forecast, and the results from June and early July, were not something unexpected. Scientists predicted it based on evaluations of big catches in the last few years. Overcrowding of breeding


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