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Total of €1 mn provided to Malta fishermen who suffered from February 2019 storm by FABRIZIO TABONE July 14,2020   |  Source: Malta Winds

Malta's Minister for Agriculture, Fishing and Animal Rights Anton Refalo announced a scheme aimed at aiding fishermen that suffered from the destructive February 2019 storm on Monday July 13.

This scheme was announced whilst the Minister was speaking with various fishermen, raising a point about the massive storm that the Maltese Islands suffered from on February 24 in 2019, with this storm causing a massive amount of damage.

Minister Refalo also stated that they are working together with the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change in order to determine the amount of damage caused and the amount of costs that fishermen have incurred due to the storm.

Speaking on the scheme, Minister Refalo stated that “around €1 million were allocated from the National Fund so that the Fishing and Aquaculture Department through a compensation scheme can provide aid to owners of ships that are registered MFA and MFB with the department that suffered damages due to the storm.”

The Minister also stated that the funds will be divided according to three categories.

The first category concerns damages that were done to the ship or boat and its engine.

The second category mainly concerns damages done to fishing nets, octopus traps, and other


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