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N. Korean fishing boats head out to sea from Sinuiju by Ha Yoon Ah July 14,2020   |  Source: Daily NK

North Korean fishermen are reportedly grumbling that there is no fish left to catch in North Korean waters.

“North Korean vessels were observed heading out to sea from Sinuiju on June 26,” a source in China told Daily NK on July 9. “North Korean authorities had issued a prohibition on fishing due to COVID-19, but it appears that the ban was lifted at the end of June.”

The source explained that the movement of fishing vessels signifies that North Korean trading companies are trying to catch fish to earn foreign currency, and that the companies are having to do whatever it takes to fill their quotas.

It remains to be seen, however, whether trading companies will be able to turn much of a profit from fishing. The source pointed out that Chinese fishing boats have already entered North Korean waters and have snapped up most of the fish.

“It’s not fishing season right now, but [North Korean fishing boats] have been ordered to catch fish at all costs,” the source said, noting, “People are saying that North Korean vessels won’t be able to catch as much as they would like because Chinese boats have already depleted the fish stocks.”

In May, Daily NK reported that so many Chinese fishing vessels had entered North Korean waters illegally to fish that



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