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Bangladesh ferry with 100 passengers sinks; at least 31 dead June 29,2020   |  Source: AP

A river ferry carrying about 100 passengers capsized in central Bangladesh on Sunday after being hit by a cargo vessel, killing at least 31 people, officials said. A rescue operation was underway, but it was not clear how many people were missing.

The ferry was struck by the cargo vessel at the Daulatdia-Paturia crossing on the Padma River on Sunday afternoon, said fire department official Shahzadi Begum. Rescue teams were deployed and passing boats were helping in the operation, he said.

The site is 40km (25 miles) northwest of Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital. Ferry accidents are common in Bangladesh, an impoverished south Asian nation that is crisscrossed by more than 130 rivers.

The ferry was submerged at a depth of up to 6 meters (20 feet), said inspector Zihad Mia, who is overseeing the rescue operation.

By Sunday evening, at least 31 bodies had been recovered, Mia said.

He said officials had yet to determine how many passengers were missing. Ferries in Bangladesh usually do not maintain formal passenger lists.

“We don’t have a clear picture about how many were exactly in the ferry when it sank," Mia said. “But I think many have survived."

A passenger who survived said many people got trapped inside when the ferry sank. “The passengers who were on

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